Stimulus Check Update! [Late 12-16]

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New stimulus bills on its way to split the bipartisan package into a $748 billion dollar stimulus bill and $160 billion dollar stimulus package.

Second stimulus check update 12-16. Detailed second-stimulus check update 12-16. Joe Biden Provides stimulus update. Stimulus package priorities by Joe Biden including unemployment assistance, PUA / PEUA payments of $600 per week, rental aid, housing aid, mortgage aid. Biden called this stimulus package during the Lame Duck session of congress a "down payment" on the stimulus work that's to be done. Stimulus check update for SSDI and SSI as well.

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This is a second stimulus check update for December 16, 2020. It provides updates on what Congress is saying regarding the next stimulus check package, unemployment stimulus support, PPP stimulus updates, updates from Congressional officials working on stimulus plans and relief for individuals. This is a complete second stimulus check update. Second stimulus update for December 16, 2020. Second stimulus update for 12-16-2020. Stimulus check update from a new bipartisan group of senators TODAY - stimulus check update on a compromise stimulus package by Rob Portman Dick Durbin Joe Manchin and others. Stimulus checks by the end of the year.

New stimulus proposals. 3 new proposals: one from Mitch McConnell on stimulus aid. One from Nancy Pelosi on stimulus. One from the bipartisan group of senators worth $908 billion. - new stimulus package new bipartisan stimulus proposal. Joe Biden stimulus plan. Stimulus and congress update 12-16-2020. Nancy Pelosi provides stimulus update. Update on foreclosures - update on evictions - update on covid - update on student loan forbearance. Update on retroactive unemployment and Trump update. Larry Kudlow update. $908 billion dollar bipartisan proposal vs $916 billion dollar GOP proposal including $600 stimulus checks for adults and $600 checks for children, but not adult dependents - who are not listed as potentially included. New bipartisan stimulus bill for $748,000 billion dollars is on the way to separate out a $160 billion for state and local aid and liability protections. The $748 billion dollar bill will include $300/week in unemployment pay, PUA and PEUC extensions, rental aid, education funding, food aid, USPS funding, and more.

If you need Food Aide (food stimulus) for children 18 and under, the Summer Food Service Program has been extended through Dec 31:
Text: "Summer Meals" to 97779
Call: 1-866-348-6479

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