room tour 2021 :'')

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open description box if you want to know where something is from! if it's not listed, i couldn't find it. thanks :-)

growing up, room tours were my favorite videos to watch on youtube - so i finally made my own! so much has happened in this room (including the creation of this channel!), and i'm so lucky to have had this space to myself for the past 15 years. but alas, we're moving onto bigger and better things! actually not bigger - my college dorm room is quite small. but we're moving!! i'm writing this description in a new space, and closing a chapter of my life as i start a new one. thanks for coming along the journey with me :')

until next time,
deborah ♡

➢ you can contribute caption translations for this video here:

my whole outfit is from korea !

PSA: all of my furniture is very old & i don't know where it's from !
➢ going out corner
bulletin board: ikea ()
bags: both thrifted
➢ wall space
everything (including hat, jacket, and everything on the shelves and wall) is either from korea/thrifted/souvenir/super old/i made it myself
bags: 1) korea, 2) baggu duck bag (), 3) yesstyle (), 4) korea, 5) joanns fabric store lol
➢ my closet
most of my clothes are either hand me downs/thrifted/zara/various other stores
prom dress (similar) ()
➢ getting ready corner
ikea clothing rack: ikea ()
"honorable mentions": 1) thrifted 2) zara 3) korea 4) thrifted
mirror: target
➢ vanity:
potato lamp: smoko ()
earrings: all gifts/DIY/thrifted
ivy leaves: amazon ()
picture frames: thrifted
mirror: side of the road
➢ bed area:
green bed sheets: amazon ()
dumpling plush: smoko ()
prism: amazon ()
➢ desk:
check out my desk makeover video!
backpack: uniqlo
➢ bookshelf:
most things are either gifted/thrifted/very old, so i can't find them!
lil bird whistle: korea (found it on amazon though lol )
music featured: summer salt

➢ creds to my mom for filming my cringey intro :)

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instagram ↠ @dobochobo (​​​​​)
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spotify ↠ @peachorbit (​​​​​)
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➢ current sub count: !! wow!! where are all of you guys coming from?!

♫ music ♫
remastered animal crossing jazz by david j! check his music out ()

❀ faq ❀
what's your name? deborah :-)
how old are you? 18 (born in 2002)
what do you use to film? canon g7x mark ii (upgraded! :D)
what do you use to edit? wondershare filmora & autodesk sketchbook (for graphics)
what does dobochobo mean? long story short, it's a nickname that i made up for myself LOL

business inquiries: dobochobo@
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