Roblox Friday Night Funkin in a NUTshell

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Today's video is once again very special. By popular request, I decided to try out the game Roblox Friday Night Funkin to make a fun little "in a nutshell" video. This video is basically a compilation of the funniest moments and a summary of the game, Roblox Friday Night Funkin, or "Funky Friday"/"Basically FNF" as it's called on Roblox.

Friday Night Funkin is basically a rhythm game where you press arrows in sync with the rhythm. You lose points for hitting it off rhythm. This game may sound easy but it's actually really hard.

Essentially, this was basically just a Roblox Friday Night Funkin in a nutshell meme edit style video where I also talk over it. However I did a few things to make it more interesting. First of all, edgy jokes! Who doesn't love those? I also tried out the original game to give my thoughts on that as well.

After playing the game and recording, I edited it off screen. This was one of my favorite in a nutshell meme edit styled videos to make. So yeah, hope you all enjoyed the video, don't forget to like and subscribe, and I'll see you on the next one.

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Roblox Friday Night Funkin in a nutshell

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