Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 - Patch 1.32: Nerfed 4-wide, Faster Tetris, Puyo vs Tetris Balance and More!

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SEGA launched a pleasantly surprising update for PPT2! Here's a 1 take recording session where I go over the patch notes for PPT2 and give my opinions on them, but also discussing the future of PPT2.

Apologies if my commentary is too spaghetti.

0:00 - Intro/Waffling
0:52 - Tetris vs Tetris adjustments (4-wide Nerf)
3:48 - Puyo vs Tetris balance adjustments
4:24 - Tetris Game Speed Adjustment
7:27 - Fixed issues with Item Cards in Boss Raid mode
8:14 - Fixed issues in Skill Battle mode
8:43 - Puyo + Tetris Doubles Margin Time Fixed
11:04 - Other Fixes/Tweaks
12:00 - What's Next?
16:15 - End

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