Paper Peach FRIENDZONES Paper Mario

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In Paper Mario Color Splash there’s some dialogue in the beginning of the game where Princess Peach describes Mario as a friend… ouch.
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Peach friend zoning Mario footage from Paper Mario Color Splash

Paper Mario and Mario voice from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario 64, Mario's Game Gallery, Mario Kart Double Dash

Intro Music - Super Mario 64 Level Start
Middle Music - Sad Song - Super Mario RPG
Ending Music - Paper Mario Origami King Ending
Outro Music - Classique - YouTube Audio Library

Paper Mario sprites from Paper Mario The Origami King
Mario art by me aka Gabasonian

Hi, I’m Gabasonian. I’m a former DeviantArtist who has transitioned into YouTube. Back on DeviantArt I enjoyed making video game comics and fanart over my favorite Nintendo games, like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. On YouTube, I make various videos over the aforementioned Nintendo franchises. This one is about Princess Peach friend zoning Paper Mario. N-joy the randomness!

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