Notion Tour (Dashboard & Setup) - How I Organize My Life

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???????? Hey guys! In this video I give you my Notion tour and show you around my Notion setup! Sign up to Notion for free using this link ????
I show you how i organize my life into a Notion dashboard via a little Notion tutorial - everything from Life/Admin to Medical School to YouTube - you can plan with me! ????
Notion for students is an extremely powerful app that can be used to keep track of and organize just about anything ✅
If you want to know how to use Notion then this is a great place to start. The Notion set up can be used to for personal knowledge management and pretty much anything you might need. ☁️
I'd highly recommend you try it out for yourself and see how it can improve your own life ????

Get Things Done Notion Dashboard:
Alexia Miliaresi:
Ali Abdaal:

0:00 Introduction & Sponsor
0:42 Notion Overview
1:53 Productive To-Do List Tracker
7:55 Life Admin Dashboard
14:27 Medical School Dashboard
19:11 YouTube Dashboard
24:46 Conclusion & Outro

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