NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Death Incoming Android iOS Oggy And Jack

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Death Incoming About

Are you deadly smart?

Are you a fan of watching people die in horrifically entertaining ways? Do you enjoy watching folks get exactly what they deserve? Or is it just another day, another death for you? It’s time to grab your cloak and scythe and get ready to harvest some souls while solving these deadly brain puzzles.

Did someone get the bright idea to hop on a trampoline next to an open construction site? Or maybe someone decided to get a little too close to the tiger pit at the local zoo. Each new chapter of Death Coming introduces you to all kinds of fun scenarios where you; The Grim Reaper, Death Himself, must test your smarts and bring these wretched souls to a deserving end!

Game Features:
1. Fun and unique scenarios
Each chapter brings you to hilarious and interactive scenes where you must figure out how to take your victims out of their wreckless misery!

2. Test you brain power
Use the items available to you in each episode to craft the fun and unique deaths of your victims

3. Customize your reaper
Tons of fun skins and customization options. Decorate your Grim Reaper in your own unique way.

4. Relax and enjoy
They say not to fear the reaper and that’s never been more true because this time, you ARE the reaper
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