NEW Wild Rift Patch Rundown (Lots of NERFS!)

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The NEW Wild Rift Patch is here! Lots of balance changes coming to @League of Legends: Wild Rift OP champions like Gragas, Lee Sin and Jhin! Ezreal and Blitzcrank receiving absolutely gigantic nerfs, too! I'm going to take you through all the changes in these new Wild Rift patchnotes and will be giving my high rank analysis as to how the Wild Rift meta gameplay will shift with this new Wild Rift update! Hope you'll enjoy these Wild Rift patch notes!

0:00 Intro
1:20 Jhin Nerf
5:10 Varus Buff
7:51 Ezreal Nerf
11:42 Akali Buff
16:30 Evelynn Buff
18:28 Amumu Nerf
20:52 Blitzcrank Nerf
26:12 Lee Sin Nerf
29:37 Gragas Nerf
32:34 Armor Pen Item Nerfs
34:07 Boot Enchantment Changes
37:53 Duo Lane Exp. Nerf
38:47 Jungle Changes

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