NEW BILL TODAY! $2000 Stimulus Check Update Unemployment PUA SSI SSDI 01/14/21

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SECOND and THIRD $2000 Stimulus Check Update, Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 + $600 Cash Act Stimulus Package Benefits Stimulus Check Update NEXT WEEK? NEW BILL TODAY! $2000 Stimulus Check Update Unemployment PUA SSI SSDI 01/14/21.

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A man from Idaho left a tip on his bill at a local restaurant. Why is this news? Because they spent their entire $600 stimulus check tipping on their bill!

The man’s bill was $108, which already included 18% gratuity, but the man explained on the receipt that they were happy to share their stimulus check with a longtime server at their favorite restaurant.

His note read: "I’ve been able to work as normal throughout the pandemic, but still got stimulus $, so I want to share with you all!"

The restaurant responded in a social media post stating: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. This amazing patron tipped one of our long time servers $600! Please read the note he left!"

I love stories like these, as we’re all in this mess together, and we need to work together and help each other out to thrive in 2021.

Meanwhile, as we talked about months ago with the first round of $1,200 stimulus funds, Americans across the nation were accidentally throwing away their stimulus check debit cards, as they believed them to be spam.

The IRS offered some better guidance on what people should be on the lookout for to ensure that you receive and activate your $600 or $2,000 stimulus debit cards.

In a press release, the IRS explained: “EIP Cards are being sent in a white envelope that prominently displays the Department of the Treasury seal. The EIP Card has the Visa name on the front of the Card and the issuing bank name, MetaBank®, on the back of the card. Each mailing will include instructions on how to securely activate and use the EIP Card.”

I’ll post a picture of what these new stimulus check debit cards look like, as well as the link for the full IRS statement regarding these new stimulus funds so you know exactly what to expect.

Finally, we’ve been talking about it all week, and it looks like today is the day that President Elect Joe Biden will finally unveil his brand new stimulus package.

According to multiple sources, the new disaster relief bill is expected to contain $1,400 stimulus checks, billions to speed up vaccine distribution, and provide funding for schools and state and local funds.

A Biden source explained: “I think you will see a real emphasis on these underserved communities, where there is a lot of hard work to do.”

I sure hope that we see a new stimulus proposal later today, as $1,400 stimulus checks hitting our bank accounts by next week sounds great to me.

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