NEW 12.11 Patch Notes Highlights for PMC's in a Hurry!

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FINALLY, the patch notes have been posted. If you don't have time to watch some half hour long video going over every single detail and bug fix in the patch, then this video is for you.

Full Patch Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:20 Factory Expansion & New Boss
0:38 Gun Malfunctions
0:53 Nvidia Reflex Support
1:07 Fence Reputation and Scav Karma
1:28 Ballistic & Optic System Overhauls
1:35 Bullet Penetration Changes
1:49 New Items
2:02 Kappa and Quest Changes
2:23 Level 79
2:34 Strength Skill and Ammo Changes
2:49 Flea Market at Level 20
3:12 New Guns Added
4:05 Final Thoughts

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