Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey - EXTREME Street Food Tour w/ Culinary Backstreets!!!

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CHECK OUT and use coupon code "FOODRANGER10" for 10% off any of their amazing street food tours around the world! Huge thanks to Culinary Backstreets for this amazing tour of Istanbul! They offer incredible street food tours like this all around the world! Go check them out!

Today, we're going for another FULL ON street food adventure with Culinary Backstreets through Istanbul, Turkey, with their amazing guide Benoit! This is part 2 of 4!

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Today, we're going for 5 amazing locations through Istanbul in this part 2 of 4 Istanbul street food tour for some of the BEST Turkish Street Food in the world!!!

First up, Benoit is taking us to the most UNIQUE VEGETABLE AND MEAT DONER!! We are watching the making!!
Found at Shop Name: Öz Bereket Döner

And next up, we're going to see the most amazing Turkish candy making, the making of Turkish delight, and more! At a 100+ year old 5th generation candy shop!!
Shop Name: Altan Şekerleme

And next up, Benoit is taking us to see the making of two different varieties of Pide!
Shop Name: Tarihi Leziz Pide Fırını
Shop Name: mavi halic pide salonu

And to finish up the day, Benoit is taking us for an amazing Southeastern Turkey food restaurant specializing in Hatay cuisine, one of the most famous food regions of Turkey!
Shop Name: Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası

I hope you enjoy the FULL ON street food tour of Istanbul Turkey with CULINARY BACKSTREETS! CHECK OUT and use coupon code "FOODRANGER10" for 10% off any of their amazing street food tours around the world!

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I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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