Leftöver Crack - Bedbugs & Beyond feat. Days N Daze and Kate Coysh [Official Music Video]

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Filmed by Jak Kerley/ShibbyPictures in New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX.
| | @ShibbyPictures
The following is written by Scott “Stza” Sturgeon:

Bedbugs & Beyond” was one of the best video-making experiences for us. We had the kick-off show for our southern to southwestern tour of the on New Years Eve, 2016, in New Orleans with Days n Daze & All Torn Up!. I had seen Jak Kerley & Shibby pictures work because of the amazing videos that he had shot for Days N Daze (“Misanthropic Drunken Loner”, “Post Party Depression” amongst others). I knew that if we could access the Fort Macomb ruins (I really loved their use in the first season of True Detective), then Jak would have a field day with his cinematography style. So, we took a stab at being “True Detectives” ourselves & shot all day with an emphasis on the abandoned structures. The weather was perfectly spooky & overcast, but soon as it got dark, there was a torrential downpour & getting everybody, the video gear, lights, instruments & the many dogs of Days n Daze out through a pitch dark labyrinth of brick hallways, scalable fences & walls replete with slick muddy foot holds & rusty barbed wire eventually to swing out of the trespassing zone was no small feat in it’self. After all was said & done with the bands regrouping over at Siberia, where our show was, the only person left behind was Jak, the director. Luckily, we got back in time to rescue him & more importantly, the footage for the video.

The live footage was filmed a few “Daze” later in Houston, TX & happily, the crowd was going the fuck off (not always the case). The end result is one of my favorite videos for any song that I’ve been involved with. The song features our newest band member Kate Coysh who is prominently featured in the video as well. The song is about embracing a liberated albeit often dangerous lifestyle so much that many negative pitfalls seem to be cherished & often romanticized. Especially the depressing trend of death that permeates our culture & existence as squatters, marginalized homeless travelers & drug users.

We live among the filth and con
On sewage pond! Bedbugs beyond!
Inside the wall, the roaches, rats
Amidst the stench that grows so fast
I heard a story of a snitch
Of liars, thieves, an AddictWitch
She lost her health to methadone
That's really just her rotted soul

She lied so much her teeth fell out
Her sunken, sallow tattooed mouth
As cemetery trenches yawn
Embrace the bedbugs and beyond

Stuck inside this dope sick house
I spied a writhing body louse
So much time spent so low down
Depressed, desperate and needle bound
Three degrees and falling fast
We try to flee our chained to past
So many years inside the vein
To warm the winter, kill the pain

And still among the filth and con
On sewage pond! Bedbugs beyond!
There was a guy, was from this band
Secretly Canadian
His ego kept him sad and blue
Dissatisfied, his sickness grew
He traded his guitar for drugs
And ended up with body bugs

He took so many Xanax sticks
He lost his humour and his wit
An empty, confused, sober shell
Suboxone led him straight to hell

Cemetary trenches yawn
Embrace the bedbugs and beyond

Resolved to drown in sewage pond
We won't abscond! Bedbugs beyond!
We live among the filth and con
On sewage pond! Bedbugs beyond!

The madness never stops!
Don't fucking call the cops!
Be careful in your bunks!
These fucking bugs eat punks!
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