Learn 3 Clever Bar Bets!! (with a sheet of paper)

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WES THEME SONG: (By Eric Vanier)

Wes Barker is a Canadian magician and comedian doing funny tricks, and telling great stories. You may (or may not) know me from my TV show Big Trick Energy. Watch here for hilarious, ridiculous, and unfiltered ideas with magic, stunts, and pranks. I am the funniest magician that is also a stand-up comic, or maybe I'm the comic who is best at magic. Either way you get the idea. I tour all over doing colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events. Catch the adventures and tricks right here. With this magician / comedian from Vancouver, based out of Toronto, Canada. I make funny stuff. That’s my only rule. Everything has to be funny, from street magic to stage illusions, as long as there is a joke to be made. I do magic tricks, sketches, stand-up comedy, card tricks, mind reading, and tricks with naked people. I’ve been on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, MTV Greatest Party Stories Ever, and Wizard Wars. You can find me pulling pranks on friends, gags on strangers, or just general sleight of hand, magic, illusions, and the occasional bar bet. Wes Barker also hosts a podcast with Chris Ramsay called Bottom Of The Barrel. Go check it out!
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