I'm Hosting The Craziest Game Show EVER | #1 Chicken (Official Trailer)

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Join me, FaZe Rug, as I host eight of YouTube’s boldest creators in this terrifying competition that separates the brave from the chickens! Featuring ShermanTheVerman, Quenlin Blackwell, FaZe Adapt, Amanda Steele, Simplistic, Tasha of StephAndTasha, Deestroying, and The Fitness Marshall, these contestants take part in the SICKEST games in the hope that they can escape - ultimately leaving behind the number one chicken! From mouse milk, to scorpions and snakes, this ain’t a show for the faint of heart. Watch it only on YouTube on 9/22 at 12 pm pt. #YouTubeOriginals #FaZeRug #1Chicken
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