How Thick Can Bondo Be? Will Auto Body Filler Crack, Shrink, Fall Out?

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This video may help answer the question, "How Thick Can Bondo or Body Filler be Applied?" Points out that, as long as you've bumped it the best you can and the surface is prepared correctly, filler can be applied to your needs without fear of cracking, shrinking or falling out.
Tools and Materials:
Wax and Grease Remover: Auto Body Master (Auto Value Auto Parts Stores)
Body Hammer: Martin Tools MRT158G General Purpose Pick Hammer with Hickory Handle
Fiber Resin Disc for Grinder 36 grit: (Great Deal)
Body Filler: Auto Body Master Light Weight Body Filler $20/gal
Metal Spreaders:
Cheese Grater: Stanley 21-299 10-Inch Surform Half Round Regular Cut
Air File: Viking V100 w/ 36 grit paper
Medium Length Board: AES 9-1/2" Sanding Board - 6074 w/ 80 grit paper
DA Sander: National Detroit
Primer: Autobody Master Lacquer Primer Surfacer
Spray Gun: Sharpe Finex FX3000 tip
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