HexeFX - Melusine IV - Stereo Vinyl/Phonograph Emulator

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Successor of the Melusine III - new, completely redesigned model of the Melusine, LoFi vinyl/phonograph and all sorts of broken audio equipment emulator.
What's new in Melusine IV:
- stereo operation (TRS in/out jacks)
- new vinyl sound engine with even more complex and realistic emulation
- Filter control Highpass/Flat/Bandpass (vs. Bandpass/Lowpass in Melusine III)
- New LoFi crossover distortion
- 5 (vs 2) Start/Stop effects on separate footswitch.
- 4 presets for saving favourite sounds, access via On/Off footswitch
- Optional Auto-ON mode. Useful when pedal is plugges into a bypass loopers. When active, it will always turn on after power up.

00:00 Intro
00:23 Basic connections and features
00:51 Demo Setup
01:15 FILTER control
01:42 NOISE control
01:55 AGE control
02:32 SPEED control
03:32 Start/Stop effects
04:45 Presets
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