Friday 4 PM Tropical Update: Hurricane Henri to make landfall as Cat 1

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Hurricanes Grace and Henri are both set to make landfall in the coming days. Neither threaten Louisiana.

Grace has re-strengthened into a hurricane as it moves across the Bay of Campeche. Further strengthening is expected into a category 2 hurricane before making a second landfall along the coast of Mexico late Friday nigh or early Saturday morning. Once over land it's expected to rapidly weaken. Interesting that the remnant low of Grace could move into the Pacific. Once over the Pacific It has a high chance of becoming a named storm. It would no longer be "Grace" but would take the next name on the East Pacific list, Marty. By the way, there have already been 12 named storms in the East Pacific, compared to 8 in the Atlantic.

Henri nears hurricane strength as of Friday afternoon. It's expected to become a hurricane early Saturday morning. Models have begun to make a shift farther west in days 3 to 5 and closer to the northeastern US with the official forecast now significantly closer to New England and Cape Cod by Sunday. Hurricane Watches has been issued to coastal New England.
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