Dating A Vintage Whiskey And 1938 Four Roses Fresh Crack-Bourbon Real Talk Episode 114

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I was given the opportunity to purchase 4 bottles of vintage Four Roses whiskey. When you get a dusty whiskey a journey begins to figure out what year it was released, distilled, or both. Dating vintage whiskey is a blast if you know what to look for. In this video we go through the process of dating the bottle together, discover mind blowing historical whiskey information at every turn, find the exact year and season it was bottled and distilled, and fresh crack a bottle that is 83 years old!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Where did the name Four Roses come from?
2:55 How to date a bottle
3:30 Prohibition packaging patent number
8:00 1938 Egg nog recipe
8:46 Using bottle size unites for determining age
9:20 Using glass disclaimer for determining age
10:34 Using tax strips for determining age
14:11 Using the fact this bottle was "blended" for determining age
15:18 Shameless merch plug
19:31 Free professional whiskey appraiser
21:21 Using state tax stamp for determining age
22:45 Using the inclusion of a tin cup for determining age
23:39 Using the proof for determining age
23:58 Using whiskey age for determining age
24:39 Using bottle codes for determining age
25:04 Age of this bottle revealed
26:04 Where I got these bottles
27:39 How much I paid for these bottles
28:19 Fresh Crack
32:64 Nose
33:09 Flavor
34:44 Show Philosophy/Sign Off
36:50 Outtakes
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