ART STUDIO TOUR - daily life in an old French convent

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A simple life is a beautiful is a look at daily life at my Art studio in an old French convent.
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About a month ago I left Art school and moved into a beautiful Convent turned Art studio built in the 1800s in Paris (I know I said 1600s lol but I was wrong). I have been waiting for a sunny day to give you an Art studio tour and show you around the grounds of the convent. As you'll see, it has a very healing and special energy that I think just transcends the screen and warms my heart when the sun's out. As a young Artist I can say that it's really difficult to find an Art studio or Atelier as we say in French (things have changed since the days of Picasso and Monet in Montmartre). People transform traditional studios and turn them into hipster lofts, forcing Artists who need good lighting and space to move out to the suburbs to work. Fortunately associations like Plateau Urbain exist that transform empty, uninhabited buildings like this convent and turn it into lower rent Art studios, offices and creative workspaces for people like me. I feel really inspired to come here and work in such an atypic environment surrounded by other creatives. I feel I manifested It in some way (I talk about this at the end of the video a bit) as I journaled about this and was very specific about the kind of peaceful and calming environment I was looking to move into. For many wondering, I chose to rent out a small appartement so I could afford a bigger Art studio, and remarkably this place opened up just down the road from my new flat. It has a cottage like feel to it and has been super peaceful these days. It' been especially nice having this space because of all the life transitions and drama I faced these last few months. Here I feel like I can expand creatively and enjoy a simple life that is focused on slow living. I wanted to share with you what that looks like for me and also show you how I organise my creative space, stay inspired and introduce you to some of the other residents.
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I love you all so much, thank you for being my friends :)

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