Android Box Demo on cars WITHOUT a Touchscreen | Tips & Tricks!

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The demo of Android Multimedia Box inside the 2020 Mercedes-Benz E450 Convertible, which doesn't come with a touchscreen display. Your particular model may be different, but it should work the same way, as I'm about to show you!

After releasing the first two videos on making your car SMART, I received many requests to demonstrate this Multimedia Box in one of the cars that don't come with the touchscreen. So before watching this video, make sure to watch the first video in this series: "Make your car SMART, without any installation," and optionally, you can also watch the second video in that series, which is a very detailed and comprehensive "Multimedia Box user's guide." Both links are below.

This is the 3rd video of the "Make your car SMART" series. You can skip directly to the point of your interest using the time stamps below:

00:00 Android Multimedia Box Demo for Non-Touchscreen vehicles;
01:14 Android Multimedia Box Connection;
02:00 Android Multimedia Box Troubleshooting;
02:38 Android OS for the car with Full-Screen Resolution;
03:13 Android Waze inside the car;
03:42 Mercedes Multimedia Touchpad;
04:16 Pandora Radio Demo in the car;
05:16 OsmAnd Navigation System Demo in the car;
05:28 Google Play Store Demo inside the car;
05:45 Watch YouTube inside your car;
07:54 Android Google Voice Control Demo inside the car;
08:22 Android Multimedia Box Updates.

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